British Fashion Design

2012 was London’s year – the Queen’s Jubilee and Olympics gave our designers an extra fillip, adding extra ingredients to the creative crucible.

London has traditionally been the epicentre of British Fashion, and is currently riding on a wave with a worldwide surge of interest in British talent. Revamped originals like Burberry, new brands like Victoria Beckham, and a celebration of individuality in upcoming and smaller fashion designers are all embraced and celebrated equally.

In addition, several brands from the sixties and seventies heydays of British fashion are planning a come-back, notable Johnson’s who made trendy clothes which were popular with rock stars. The ‘Made in Britain’ label is also experiencing a come-back as it is universally recognised as a sign of quality and reliability.

The British Fashion Council works tirelessly to promote ‘Brand UK’ and does a magnificent job which culminates in the two London Fashion Weeks (LFW) held annually.

However, British fashion is not restricted to the runway.  You are just as likely to find budding designers at any of the weekly markets such as Portobello Road and Spitalfields.  Boutique shops are also witnessing a resurgence, and outside of Bond & Sloane Streets, one finds designer shops in several other areas of London, such as Westbourne Grove.


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